About Bowl of Code

We all should be blogging, right? It gets us more work, it’s a way to market yourself, you’ll understand the subject better if you try to explain it, yadda yadda yadda… Those things are all true, but my ~4 attempts at trying to post content onto a blog regularly were all forced, and I failed miserably after a few posts every time. I was working hard to come up with the material, coming up with tutorials I can write, knowing there are thousands of similar tutorials online. When I solved something at work, it was usually after hours of googling/reading docs - should I put content on the internet, when I found that content on the internet in the first place? At the same time, I’ve always written text every single day in the form of personal notes. This time I’ve decided to make (some of) those notes public. No matter how short or if the content is already online, I’ll make Bowl of Code my brain dump. The format introduced on this blog - Spoon of Code - is already a good start, here’s what else you can expect:

  • Notes from books/presentations I’ve seen/read
  • Summaries and explanations of PRs I’ve submitted to the public repos
  • Opinions and reviews of various online courses I sometimes take with my morning coffee
  • More solutions to katas/CTFs I like solving
  • References to tools, tricks, and techniques I use on a daily basis
  • …and anything else that comes to my mind

This will require coming out of my comfort zone as well as some additional work to make sure my quickly-typed notes are actually readable by other human beings, but in the end should be hugely beneficial. I’m hoping to develop a positive habit, and (finally) have one place to store what I learn (I’m changing note-taking apps every couple of months). ✌(‘ω’)