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Dear diary...

I am a man of routines. I wake up at pretty much the same time every day, I start with PR reviews while drinking coffee, I check my email, I attend our daily standup on Zoom, I go to the gym and then I have my uninterrupted coding hours. One of my daily practices I’d like to talk in this post is maintaining a journal or a diary…


Authentication with Amplify in an Electron app

Learn how to implement federated identity authentication inside an Electron app in ClojureScript


Clj-pdf for Dummies

In this tutorial you’ll create a book cover for a (non-existent) “clj-pdf for Dummies” book using Clojure and clj-pdf library


Building a Clojure web app backed by Postgres

In this article, we’ll create a web app based on Compojure template talking to a Postgres database.