Thoughts and code written by Oskar Zabik - a software developer and designer working remotely and building useful things.


Clj-pdf for Dummies

In this tutorial you’ll create a book cover for a (non-existent) “clj-pdf for Dummies” book using Clojure and clj-pdf library


Building a Clojure web app backed by Postgres

In this article, we’ll create a web app based on Compojure template talking to a Postgres database.


Spoon of Code #2: Remove element from a vector at given index

You have a vector of items [:a :b :c :d :e :f :g] and you want to remove the element at index 3 (:d).


Spoon of Code

Spoon of code is a small blog post (a gist, a code kata) solving a simple (possibly common) problem. Straight to the point. Mostly in Clojure as this is the main language I use these days.