Thoughts and code written by Oskar Zabik - a software developer and designer working remotely and building useful things.


Learn solidity by breeding zombies 🧟

Learn solidity in 10 minutes by following my notes from the CryptoZombies game.


So you wanna blockchain, huh?

A list of resources I’ll be using to learn some Blockchain ⛓️


Authentication with Amplify in an Electron app

Learn how to implement federated identity authentication inside an Electron app in ClojureScript


About Bowl of Code

About the (future) format on Bowl of Code, what I’ll write about and the reasons behind it.


Clj-pdf for Dummies

In this tutorial you’ll create a book cover for a (non-existent) “clj-pdf for Dummies” book using Clojure and clj-pdf library


Building a Clojure web app backed by Postgres

In this article, we’ll create a web app based on Compojure template talking to a Postgres database.


Spoon of Code #2: Remove element from a vector at given index

You have a vector of items [:a :b :c :d :e :f :g] and you want to remove the element at index 3 (:d).


Spoon of Code

Spoon of code is a small blog post (a gist, a code kata) solving a simple (possibly common) problem. Straight to the point. Mostly in Clojure as this is the main language I use these days.